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The Louisiana Lifeblood And Grand Energy Of Oil

By Adam McCallister

Oil is basically the most essential commodity in the worlds economy. It usually plays a great role in some of major industries such as petrochemicals, power, chemicals, power and transport. Its high availability have generally made mankind to largely depend on such a product for almost all of their daily activities or needs. Oil and gas exploration is also a lucrative business to venture into as it gives big returns to this grand energy.

Gas or oil exploration is today considered one of the most profitable ventures with very high returns on their investment. The risk associated with investing in such sectors is quite high and many investors may not be willing to invest their money in such projects. Such ventures require big companies or individual who are filth rich and can accommodate any kind of risk. It is known that burning gas actually leads to global warming as well as green house effect but generally very little is been done to curb this menace.

The major cause of global deterioration or warming is burning gas which also may lead to green house effect. In the past years only few measures were taken to reduce the effect which led to further global warming. To actually operate ships, trains as well as locomotives, millions barrels of such a commodity needs to be burnt annually. Several countries today are basically utilizing oil to produce power for industrial and also domestic consumption.

the product is known to have several advantages which include, high energy density which basically implies that very little quantities of oil or gas can be used to generate large amount or volumes of energy. There has been an increase in its preference among people since it is being used largely as fuel for automobiles. The other advantage associated with the commodity is its easy availability. Oil is today the most available commodity in the world.

There are several benefits associated with the commodity which include, firstly the product high energy density which can mean a small amount of gas can produce huge amounts of energy. The product has been mostly preferred by most population as it is widely used in automobiles. Secondly the product is generally available.

There are quite a number of benefits of using oil as a source of grand energy. The first and most common advantage it energy density which is known to be high. With it high density, only small proportions of gas is required to produce large volumes of energy. Most of the world population prefers the commodity because it is used to power automobile industry. The second benefit is the fact that the product is available.

Unlike power generated from solar or wind energy, gas has the potential to produce energy twenty hours in a day without failure. Some engines which run on oil are mature technology as well as highly dependable to use and work with. The same products have their share of disadvantages. The first disadvantage basically includes gas emission from greenhouses simply abbreviated as GHG.

Oil generally has the ability to produce energy throughout without failure unlike energy generated from other sources such as solar or wind energy. Many of mature technology today use oil to run engine. There are also some disadvantages which are associated with the product. These disadvantages are, first the green house gas emission. The production and usage of gas and gas product usually releases carbon dioxide.

The two commodities have the potential to probably generate enough power for a long period without any failures as compared to other sources of energy especially solar and not forgetting wind energy. Oil is mostly utilized today by many mature and advanced technologies for their engine operation. There are a few disadvantages of using the products as a source of energy. The obvious limitation is the gas emission from green houses.

The spills have resulted to massive water pollution posing danger to aquatic life and threatening the livelihood of fishermen. This is due to huge loss aquatic life each year leading to negative effects of local ecology. The third disadvantage is that emission of harmful toxic substances from gas plants like the sulphur dioxide cause health problems among population surrounding more so environmental problems like the acid rain. Modern technology has effectively helped to cut short emissions of these dangerous substances though they still pose danger to human life.

The next disadvantage increased level of water and also earth pollution. Many companies today are basically disposing their industrial waste products into water bodies leading to water pollution. The pollution is negatively affecting people who depend on fish and other aquatic animals for their source of livelihood. The can be used as a source of grand energy.

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