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Testing Love With True Lover Tests

By Nancy Gardner

People fall in love everyday. It is one of the most widely experienced and most enjoyable aspects of life as a human being. But it also has the potential to go bad or turn sour, especially when persons are misled into thinking they are in a loving relationship when in reality they are not. This is why it is so important to ensure that you are in the right relationship with the right person. Failing to do so can result in catastrophe. True lover tests help to prevent this catastrophe.

It can be difficult to differentiate between love and infatuation. This dilemma affects people of all ages but is often more prevalent among teenagers. This is one of the reasons that this type of love test is so popular among that age group. It is also the reason that this age groups is often more attracted to these tests than others.

Many long term decisions are taken in haste when individuals are in the throes of young love or infatuation. These decisions have the potential to trigger long lasting negative effects especially if the relationship fails. While these instruments cannot, by themselves, prevent the heartache of failed relationships, they are able to send warning signals when relationships are starting off on weak footing.

These evaluation instruments comprise mainly questions pertaining to the character of the intended lover. This includes the person's behavior towards the test taker as well as the test taker's feelings. Each item has a score associated with the answers which, when tallied fall into one of multiple categories. Each category has a description explaining the status of the love being demonstrated by the subjects.

These tests are often found in magazines. They are used to pass the time as people wait to be served at business places such as doctors' offices. They are also popularly used while people travel on buses and airplanes. When they are used in these circumstances, their validity is often underestimated and tend to be dismissed as meaningless, especially if the results do not sit well with the person who took the test.

They may also be found online, which is not surprising fact given the popularity of virtual activities on the internet these days.Pretty much everyone is using online sources for entertainment, information and money making purposes. The online versions of these assessment tools are typically interactive in nature. They allow the test takers to input their responses to the questions which are then automatically tallied. The response is also automatically generated. As a result of this swifter, automated method, users can take as many of the tests as they would like to.

Professional therapists also use them. In combination with compatibility evaluation sheets, they provide important information on the state of a relationship and its potential to last or fail. This allows the relationship expert to provide clients with evidence supported advise.

Love, while largely uncontrollable, can be evaluated and measured. These instruments prove this and while doing so they provide people with objective evaluations. These evaluations can help them to make decisions that limit their risk of heartbreak and loss.

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