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7 Tips On How To Be Happy

By Evan Sanders

How to be happy? It is not as far away as you might think.

I want to tell you a quick story before I get going.

When I was in my final season of baseball at school, I took one or two trips down to USC to be mentored from a respected pitching coach to help me with my pitching style. It was a hot summer day and we were on the mound throwing a practice bullpen. Not a word was spoken for roughly 50 pitches when he ultimately asserted to me the following.

"10% of the time you will be amazing. 10% of the time you're going to suck worse than possible. 80% of the time you will truly be just average. The greates are made in that 80%. "

This story has a substantial amount to do with happiness believe it to be true or not. In fact, it has everything to do with just about each day you wake up.

80% of those days you're going to feel just average.

That is correct. Average. Nothing great about the day. It's just another "nothing special" average day. For many that's a horrible realisation about life. Nevertheless for those in the loop, it's pretty exciting.

The direction of your day is up to you. You can waste it by going in the negative direction or create something great by thinking positive. It's all up to you.

Keeping that story under consideration, I came up with these 7 advice on the best way to be happy.

1. Decide each and every morning you are in a good mood: Seriously though. Affirm yourself. Play music. Do things that you adore. Focus on your targets and set the tone for the remainder of the day. Every single morning I do something that makes me incredibly content and revved up for the day.

2. Write out your goals: The 1st 30 minutes of your day are thought to be "The Golden 30." Use that time cleverly. Listen to positive messages. Incite passion in yourself. Write out those goals and visualize yourself achieving them. You are largely giving your body the go ahead nod by getting your mind in the right state.

3. Work out your complaints: Take a bit of paper and do the following. On the left side of the sheet write out everything that you have grouses about in life. Trust me, if you are really listening you will certainely have a ton. Then, draw arrows from the left side of the paper to the right and then write your answers to the list of complaints. If you don't want to explain them then you've got to let them truly go. Holding onto big complaints is pretty much the kryptonite for a person who is seeking to cultivate happiness in their life.

4. Get into action: You know all those things you've always wished to do but haven't because you didn't think you had it or were either too afraid or lazy? Get into action. Begin to do them. Take step 1. That may give you some momentum and then you can take that and tackle the more significant barriers. There isn't any feeling like realizing goals. So go for it.

5. Appreciate the people in your life: Tell the people around you that you care or love them and then explain to them why. Tell them why they are vital to you and why it is you are truly lucky to have them in your life.

6. 2 blessed 2 be stressed: Almost all of the stuff you fret about doesn't ever really happen anyways. Theres a well-known old phrase that claims worrying is like trying to figure out a math equation by chewing bubble gum. That sometimes doesn't work out so well. Decide that you will be happy and also make the grand decision that the barriers in front of you are a possibility for you to show just how badly you really want something.

7. Make no your vitamin: This is definitely one of my favorite lines from motivational speaker Les Brown. You have to be willing to go through a whole lot of "no's" to finally get to a yes. Yes, lives in the land of no. Don't give up!

We all have a chance to build happiness into our lives, but we have to do the work to get there first. Take these 7 tips on happiness into account when looking at your day.

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