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How To Convince A Project Funding Investment Group To Fund An Idea

By Nancy Gardner

There are many non-profit organizations out there these days that focus on spearheading outreach programs which should help the society. For these organizations, the outreach programs they plan can only be realized when they get the support needed for it. It is especially true in the financial side. They can only go ahead with this if there is money donated to them.

Due to this fact that non-profit groups require money to organize the program, they need to obtain donations. The donations should be easily provided to them by the project funding investment group of their choice. If they have chosen one, then they must draft a proposal that can convince this organization to give financial aid.

It should be easy to convince the representative from this group though a presentation. It might not be an easy task since you need to gather heaps of information about what is going to be organized. There is also a need to remember what preferences the representative has to appeal to them. There are lots of things to do for this presentation.

Since that is the case, it would be helpful to note some tips on how one can do the presentation. There should be lots of tips out there that can help a person convince all representatives to back an idea up. Here are some of the helpful tips that a non-profit organization can take advantage of when presenting.

First, be clear with what you aim to get with the outreach program. The evaluation committee must be provided with the right information about what they could benefit out of supporting the outreach program one is requesting help from. Let them know that they can really gain something from supporting this outreach program.

It is also necessary to explain to this committee how the provided support will be used. There are many types of support that can be given for this program. It can be in cash or in volunteers. If given cash, explain how every penny in the donation will be spent. If human resource, tell them what the work will be like as well as what schedule for work to follow.

Be sure to focus only on what is immediate. You have to think about your next phase for your outreach program instead of thinking about the big picture. You will lose yourself as well as the enthusiasm of potential donors if you just focus on the big vision without looking at the small steps you need to take to achieve that.

After doing the presentation, better contact each of the audience members. Thank them individually for listening to the presentation. Moreover, ask them for those areas they think require improvement. With this, you can not only improve the presentation but you can also gain the trust of these potential donors.

Do not expect to get a quick yes or no from the potential donors. There are investors who are too enthusiastic with the plan but they will not immediately send the agreement to you. They have something to think about, after all. You must patiently await for the agreement in writing then. Regardless of how long it might take, you have to wait for the agreement from the donors as patiently as you can.

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