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How Numismatic Also Forms A Part Of The Modern Culture?

By Ashis Jain

As we know numismatics is a science, it refers to as the study of coins and money; this is sometimes also referred to as the "hobby of the kings". Numismatics originated in the 16th or 17th centuries particularly in Britain, where the cabinet of coins and most probably Roman coins where collected in catalogues by princes and other noble people. This definitely brought people from different cultural background bring their interest in numismatics, even people from different parts of the world became interested in numismatic.

Every time a country faces inflation, there are items that act as a hedge between them such as the gold and silver coins. These are metals that have been graded as highly valued items in the civilization, since history. There are countries that still use gold coins in the form of currency.

However, it is important for you to understand when you decide to move on the path of collecting numismatic coins, you will have to start buying coins that were being used as currency but have been stopped from circulation for a brief period of time. This is definitely beneficial, as this not only help you to get right value of the gold used to prepare the coins, but it also helps you to earn the numismatic value of the gold coin. Thus you get to make the best out of both of this.

Now, it becomes important to understand whether you should choose, numismatic gold coins or gold bullion. There have been periods where people having private gold ownerships, where restricted from owning the gold bullion and it was confiscated from the citizens. This even happened in US under the government of Franklin D. Roosevelt. By passing a simple order the citizens were forced to give in their gold bullion. Also people that gave up their gold, where compensated with highly inflated paper currency.

In the early 20th century, the British Numismatic Society came into existence, which was also determined as a charitable organization and had a lot of members that contributed to the British numismatics. The motive behind the formation of British numismatic society was to spread British numismatic to other parts of the world.

A part of numismatics also comprises of medals collections, which were used to show various events and famous people. However, you must remember that the medals are not minted by the government, even if they are; they are referred to as commemorative coins. Also in medals you can see the image and its reverse on the other side, whereas with the coins you can see their subjects flipped 180 degrees between obverse and reverse.

Just after the British numismatic society came into existence, the American numismatic society was formed in the 1850s under the leadership presidents like Archer M. Huntington in 1929 and Edward T Newell. The society went on to become one of the best numismatic societies providing well researched information about the coins and other collectibles. It is probably the largest numismatic society comprising of around one million objects, which also contain an impressive library of 100,000 items, which definitely is the highest number of numismatic collection under one roof.

Having gold is definitely profitable, but having more numismatic gold coins in comparison to gold bullions is considered to be more profitable as an asset. Gold can help you to earn profits anytime, anywhere in the world, but the numismatic value of the gold add to it.

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