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The Drug Assessment Minneapolis Minnesota May Be Another Dirty Trick

By Richard Gibson

You might not want to believe it, but the law enforcement agencies in the United States do not actually care about the health or social ills attributed to the use of illicit drugs. The fact is, America and her War On Drugs has been an absolute failure. Moreover, it is quite certain that the failure has been intentional, contrived, and orchestrated right down to the requirement for a drug assessment Minneapolis Minnesota.

Driving under the influence is a strong weapon law enforcement uses to stop, harass, arrest, and ultimately destroy individuals in small communities. Millions of people go through State run DUI schools where they are told that any and all drug or alcohol use is abuse even when they have no drug history. For those with prescriptions for opiates or medical marijuana, the DUI has become the weapon law enforcement uses to ruin them.

Methadone patients have become a group targeted by law enforcement. Not only do State officials take children into foster care because parents are on the methadone program, but if any accusation gets made that they sold or even just shared their pills, they can be charged with felonies based on nothing more than hearsay or a coerced admission. Even with a prescription, assessors are still paid to report that the accused needs treatment.

Treatment comes as long-term programs requiring the accused to move to another state. They can be forced to get off prescriptions although many of them use strong opiates for chronic pain conditions that remain untreated during their withdrawal supervised by four or five other adults who share the room. True medical oversight is usually a part-time aspect of treatment, and the residents now risk detox on their own.

Such centers room four to six adults together while also enforcing employment with companies close by who agreed to hire them in exchange for tax breaks or cheap labor. The center controls the money they make to cover all fees/fines are paid while also keeping a share of money for the center itself. The accused may spend six months to two years before they are released, often still on abusively long periods of probation.

A town who has been told they need to clean up the neighborhood has only to trump up charges on the poorer members of their community and ship them out of state while they permit repossession courts and tax liens take care of the rest. Even after the treatment, that person now has a forced interest to stay where they are to keep their low-wage job assignment.

There is a need for such treatment in some cases, but people are being sold down this river for charges that are no more than traffic tickets. Even pedestrians find themselves being stalled and shaken down by officers bent on feeding this system. Only the most extreme addicts require this level of supervision, and it should only be done with their consent.

Such neighborhoods are revealed by the overpopulated law enforcement presence within small communities. When there are five squad cars at each intersection, at any given time of day or night, residents may want to accept that they are being hunted like dogs. When this police presence strongly appears to target anyone sporting older cars, then the aim of those in power becomes obvious.

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