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Fresh Tips On Sight Reading Music For Singers

By Jose Morris

An impressive choir member is one who can pick a musical piece and begin to sing immediately. This is a fete that requires dedication, extensive practice and a lot of effort. Unfortunately, many are unable to achieve this because they lack professional input. Here are expert tips that will make sight reading music for singers effortless. Mastering the tricks will make you a jewel in whichever choir you join.

A musician should begin thinking of three important elements immediately he or she gets hold of a script. These elements are the pitch, rhythm and words. Singers are lucky that they only need to focus on a single staff compared to instrumentalists who have to deal with several staves. For a singer, the only challenge would be using a foreign language.

Concentration is among the most important elements when singing. This applies even to the most experienced performers and members of the choir. While it might sound obvious and thus unimportant, this is what will enable you to be accurately and deliver the piece with ease. A singer is likely to be scanning the audience for people you know or being mesmerized by the action. Any loss of concentration will cause you to miss your notes.

Widen the chunk of music you will be reading. A strong singer or performer is confident and does not struggle with rhythms or pace. For others, it is a visible struggle that builds up to tension as they tap into every rhythm. The secret is to read a large chunk other than focus on a single note or bar at a time. Focusing on more bars fills up your mind and allows you to focus on other elements like rhythm and words.

Learn quick mastery of rhythms immediately you get hold of a piece. Even the most experienced maestros have encountered very few rhythms in their lives. With knowledge of these main patterns on rhythms, your mind stops struggling with the rhythm and begins to tackle the words and melody. This helps you to be more accurate with the notes. You must encounter an incredible number of music scores to accomplish this fete.

You mind needs to learn how to read beyond the note you are playing at the moment. This prepares you for dynamics such as fingering, sustain, accidentals, new rhythms, etc. Such elements are likely to cause trouble when they suddenly appear as you play. You will have no time to execute the instructions if your focus is on one note at a time. This affects the beauty of your melody.

Avoid being grounded by simple mistakes. If you are singing in a choir or group, the others will leave you behind as you attempt to correct it. Skip the section and catch up as fast as possible. Focusing too much on the mistake will only slow you down and give you an unnecessary guilty feeling. Even the maestros you know sometime make these mistakes.

Sight reading is tough and thus requires a great deal of practice. If you have the time, review the piece before hand, taking note of the tempo, rhythm, time signature, etc. When it is time to perform, concentrate and take it easy. In case of a mistake, skip and catch up with the others as fast as possible.

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