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How To Become A Successful Song Writer

By Maria Morris

If you have ever wondered how people like Sia came into being they began by composing music for famous musicians. In case you want to choose a path as a song writer you must dedicate years and years into this career. It is not easy and in most cases you might have a lot of rejects before someone can really agree to work with your lyrics.

Try go through the system and learn a few tips in acing this career. There are special cases of people who are just gifted naturally and do not need any training but if you need training enroll in a school. You need to know the structure in as much as if you are into artistic stuff like composing poetry music will automatically flow.

A lot of people are influenced by different things in life therefore do not let your inspiration be shaken until you are done. Some people are inspired by nature while others are inspired by what they have been through. Whatever inspires you keep it burning however if you get tired do not hesitate to take time and relax it is important.

If Adele did not connect emotionally with her lyrics she would not be famous today so you have to feel the music. Making it a hit song means that you do not filter your emotions. You do not get to do that in composing music. Compose what you feel in your heart if you want your target audience to feel it otherwise those lyrics will just be a waste of time.

If you want to get your listener hooked forcing rhymes is not the way to go. You will just make them lose interest in your music and your record might go down as the worst ever. Think about using repetitive words that can keep your listeners hooked and they sing along. That way you will sell record of the year and win amazing awards.

Stay focused and see beyond those tiny details. Your goal is to compose music for big names but you can be sure that will not occur if you keep your dreams small. Since you already have the knowledge know what will make your lyrics work. Always seek someone who can judge and give you feedback for your work often as it helps you grow.

You have to work with someone else. There will be something different you will learn by associating with others. Make sure you do not use complex words into the lyrics otherwise the music will seem forced. Try not to look for perfection. If you fail once get up twice and compose something better. If your music is reject keep trying and do not feel like you are not good enough.

Not all composers are musicians and it is possible to earn enough money to sustain your life by just composing music. It is neither automatic nor magical moment as it takes years of hard work. Compose without expecting to sell it to anyone. If you want to be the next Diplo or Sia be ready to work tirelessly and keep going no matter what.

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