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Communicate With God Through The Christian Rock Devotion

By Helen Adams

Jesus Christ is an amazing God. He is wise and kind. He greatly thinks of your own welfare. Due to His love, He decided to save your sins. That is correct. He saved your sin even if it means putting Himself on the cross. Hence, try not to be too selfish. If the king of Heaven and Earth was humiliated because of you, you do not have any rights to complain.

You should not complain about your own troubles and perils. You must never complain about your difficulties and demons. Of course, as a human, having those responses are completely normal. However, if you are going to use it as a lame excuse to abandon God, you might as well give it a rest. He experienced far difficult things than you do. He did it in His human form. Instead of complaining, though, try to praise His name. There are various ways to do that. If this hits your interest, you may even join the Christian Rock Charlotte NC.

He knows you more than anyone else. He knows you not because He can read what you are thinking. Of course, He could do that do. However, more than anything else, remember that He knew things about you because He is constantly watching you up close. He watches you work. He evaluates your kindness.

When people hear these words, they become irritated and frustrated. That is quite normal, though, especially, for humans. Truly, being a fully devoted Christian would never be that easy. Do not expect that praying to the Lord will give you a bountiful and blissful future. That is not how the things go. If you decided to be one of His disciples, you will need to follow His steps.

If you think that singing and dancing alone are enough to secure your passport in heaven, you are wrong with that. The new world is only exclusive for those disciples who have passed their test here on earth. That is correct. Right now, as this very moment, you are taking the entrance exam to heaven.

That is the only way to reach His kingdom. For you to meet Him, you would need to make countless sacrifices. You should be oppressed. The world should persecute you. They should reject you, the way they reject your Lord. God did not want all of these things to happen. In fact, try not to blame Him every time you were persecuted by these people.

You must perform lots of extraordinary things. You should follow the commandments. You need to show kindness to those people who have sinned on you. You must prevent yourself from instructing revenge against those people who persecutes you. Truly, if you give it some thoughts, this kind of instructions are quite unfair.

It is not only difficult to achieve. However, it is very unfair too, especially, for those individuals who are willing to be a good citizen of this world. It is quite normal to think this way. As a human, being rational is only part of your nature. Even so, before you make any complaints, try to set Jesus Christ as a role model.

God is not a machine. He is not your servant. Therefore, consider to treat and honor Him correctly. He might be the Creator, despite with this, just like you, He has an emotion too. Therefore, as much as possible, stop hurting him. Obey His words. Once everything will be over, He would surely come to your rescue.

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