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Some Of Celebrated Scandinavian Prog Rock

By Catherine Gibson

Since time immemorial, this kind of music has won massive favoritism among huge masses of people, ever attracting large fan bases in all corners of the world, hitherto. This has been majorly enhanced by the existence of many competent bands which offer spot-on quality, in regards to the music genre. These bands have seen the growth of the music that originated in the late sixties, with Beatles Sergeant Pepper and Pink Floyd. The bands that existed back in those days are Genesis and Yes, and have led to formation of other bands that have since motivated the growth of Scandinavian prog rock songs.

There are many bands that came into existence to foster the dominance and growth of metal and rock music, with Sweden registering the lions share in the number of bands springing up. For instance, the Beard Fish Group, which was formed in two thousand and one, can stand comparison with giant likes Genesis and Yes. It has, upon its formation, been able to make a sterling composition of many different musicians.

From Sweden also, is the Flower Kings group. This originated in the mid-nineties, by a proficient and worldwide guitarist star, Roine Stolt. The band has since been able to produce a host of eleven albums. Its music is not of a single style, but incorporates other genres to foster distinctiveness and uniqueness. These include experimental music, some jazz, as well as blues. The band also uses additional features such as lengthy compositions, dynamic changes, abstract lyrics and also heavy bass.

Norway also has notable bands in the industry, for example the Magic Pie group. This band encompasses using traditional sounds and flavoring them with modern sounds, to produce a unique sense of style and diversity. It uses vocal arrangement drums, string melodies, heavy bass, strong melodies and catchy guitar riffs, among other features. The group produces music that is both gentle and heavy, and has produced a commendable number of albums since when it was formed.

Magic Pie is another celebrated band, from Norway. This is a distinct band that uses sounds that were produced in the seventies, and gives them a fresh sense by blending them with modern sounds. The group uses string as well as strong melodies, vocal arrangement drums, catchy guitar riffs as well as tight bass, to produce unique quality metal music that is not only heavy, but also gentle. The group takes pride in having produced four albums since its formation in two thousand and five.

Also from Finland, is the celebrated Hydria Space folk band. It is a fantastic group that blends psychedelic space metal with folk music. Alongside using guitars, keyboards, drums and bass, the band also uses cello, flute, didgeridoo, marimba, sitar, violin and vibraphone, to produce more spiced up music. The group was formed in the late nineties, and has, until today, released nine albums on one independent label.

The Hydria Space Folk Band from Finland is another exemplary group that makes psychedelic space metals, with folk genres. They not only use the usual guitars, keyboards and bass, but also flutes, marimbas, and other instruments.

Their performances are not restricted to a certain time frame, and some of their songs go up to ten minutes long. All these, including many more like Kingson Wall of Helsinki have played major roles in producing Scandinavian progressive music songs and albums.

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