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For Professionals In Past Life Regression Bellingham WA Needs Priority Consideration

By Virginia Jackson

Past life regression is a method that utilizes hypnosis and suggestions in order to recover what is believed to be past incarnations or memories. However, critics of the method refer to it as some kind of confabulation or serious delusions. People who engage in the exercise do so for two major reasons even though there may be other reasons. First, they do so in pursuit of spiritual experience and secondly for psychotherapeutic reasons. Belief in the notion of repressed memories is loose among fanatics. When in need of undergoing past life regression Bellingham WA should be the place to go.

Past life regression (PLR) uses a specific technique that involves individuals answering questions while they are under hypnosis. The answers they give are then used to reveal the identity of previous events that the individual has been engaged in. Because the process involves the use of hypnosis, it is often concluded that the information revealed could be distorted or be of false memories.

Memories originate from confabulations and cryptomnesia which combine knowledge, experience, imagination, suggestion and guidance from the hypnotist. Thus, the memories are less likely to originate from a recall of events the individual engaged in. When the memories recovered from this exercise were investigated, it became clear that they hold historical inaccuracies. There is a simple explanation for the historical inaccuracies through a fundamental understanding of events in media, history and elements of popular culture.

The history of PLR is very long. It is believed to have originated in Asian countries, especially India where it was exercised for religious reasons. Some of the first texts about it are as old as the second century BC. In those texts PLR was described as the soul being overburdened with an accumulation of impressions. The impressions are part of karma from former lives one has lived.

Ancient Indians saw PLR as a way through which memories of previous lives are addressed. Even today, there are some versions of yoga that still incorporate PLR in their practice. In religious mythology of the Chinese, souls were prevented by the deity Meng Po from remembering past lives. The deity gives souls the bittersweet drink to prevent them from having memories of past lives before they reincarnate.

The West was introduced to the idea of PLR by someone called Madame Blavatsky. Since then, several texts have been written about the process. Since its introduction in the West, several mediums, psychiatrists, and psychologists have been involved with researching it since the 1950s. The credibility in the field was increased by some advocates possess legitimate credentials. However, those credentials have been found not to be related with psychotherapy, religion or anything related with PLR.

Research in this field is still hugely ongoing. So far, ideas put forward by practitioners have not been able to be proved with scientific evidence. Despite lack of supporting evidence, many Americans still visit hypnotists yearly, seeking to recover previous memories.

Lack of any standards in this field has attracted some false practitioners. As such, one needs to exercise caution when they are seeking help. One is advised to use referrals from friends, family, and workmates among other individuals to locate an experienced hypnotist.

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