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Encouragement Can Truly Move Mountains

By Evan Sanders

Encouragement is one of the most powerful things there is.

We all need someone in our corner who believes in us when we are down and out. Isn't it funny how life simply seems to happen and we get knocked down consistently? But your world can actually change when you have a true encourager in your life. This person is someone who truly believes in you and can bring you up when you aren't feeling great about yourself. This is someone who can remind you precisely who you are when you can't seem to remember.

We need a whole lot more encouragement being spread around.

The reason why encouragement is so critical to peoples success is because it motivates something deep within their heart when they are struggling to believe in themselves. Encouragement allows people to find what they need within themselves to get back up when they have been knocked down and to try and try again.

It's a tough world to live in these days. It has most likely always been the same, but the fact that is undeniable is that there's a whole lot of negativity and hatred floating around. With all of that in play, it becomes incredibly hard for people to be able to love, support, and encourage others who are struggling. That's what makes it even more important.

Maybe it's because we would like them to be back down at our level because we have not risen ourselves? Who really knows? But what I do know for certain is that we tend to need to bring darkness into peoples lives instead of light. That fact is pretty disturbing when you think about it long enough.

The world really needs some sort of change.

It's time to start promoting what we love instead of constantly bashing what we hate. Hate does not lead to the building of dreams, the raising up of people or the promotion of light. Hate only leads to more hate. We need a whole lot more love and encouragement.

So be an encourager. Be someone who supports peoples lives instead of takes away from them. Be someone who makes everyone else better.

Without it, we will continue the same old story that has been going on for generations.

It's time for something new and completely different. So take a stand for what you love instead of tearing down people who are trying to make a difference. Maybe that change will be exactly what we all need?

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