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The Price Of Ambition

By Evan Sanders

Ambition is priceless.

Ambition has been around for as long as humans have been able to dream and it has lead to the creation of the worlds greatest feats as well as its greatest downfalls. The price of ambition can be incredibly high and it tends to breed greed in those who have it. However, it's time for a new type of person.

It's time we paired ambition with character.

We are in huge need of individuals who are willing to take a stand for the world and leave it better off when they are gone. These individuals cannot be interested in their own personal success more than the success of the collective. While it is fine for them to strive, they must strive to uplift everyone else.

We need people in this world who are not willing to falter on their beliefs no matter what hits them. We need people who are willing to take a stand against all temptations, and even though they will fail from time to time, rise with integrity and own their mistakes.

We are in desperate need of people who are willing to take an uncompromising path towards devoting their life towards and idea. When they devote their lives to something bigger than themselves, they give everyone else permission to dream as well and be something greater than what they thought they could be.

We need people who are willing to make the sacrifices it takes to heal our deteriorating world instead of contribute to its falling apart.

Too many times we have seen people take from this world instead of give to it. Too many times have we seen our world fall into the hands of those who want to conquer it instead of heal it. Isn't it about time for a new version of hero?

"But where will these people come from?"

These people will come from the nooks and crannies of the world, the shadows, and rise into the light showing us the way we must travel.

You could be one of them.

Everyone needs you.

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