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The Various True Lover Tests

By Sharon Weeks

Almost everybody has gotten into a feeling that cannot be easily explained. This is a feeling of much excitement laced with euphoria. This is especially vibrant when you think of having a talk with that person that you constantly think of. You may at one time feel as if she is reciprocating this feeling but you keep on questioning it. The true lover tests will help us differentiate between love and other feelings.

A number of times those in strong relationships find that their love is decreasing. This is so since most affairs are built on infatuation rather than on the basis of true love. The feeling of true love is always mutual. This makes the wishes and expectations of lovers bear no fruit in many occasions. This becomes the reason why every day a divorce case is being filed in our courts of law.

To understand whether what you are feeling is love or not, consider the long term expectations of that feeling. A number of theories show true love to contain passion, intimacy and commitment. Not balancing these three can end up straining the relationship. People who are fond of each other but fall short on intimacy may not be able to live long in their relationship.

True love should grow with passage of time. A relationship that moves towards extinction as time goes on is headed for dissolution. This is because a love backing of the same is lacking. If an affair cannot be able to withstand the pressure of time, then it is wise to call it quit at an early stage.

The security test. Love that is genuine needs and nurtures a sense of trust and security. A person who is infatuated seems to lack the sense of security, is based upon wishful thinking instead of careful consideration. When one is infatuated, he/she becomes blind to problems. Security is able to flow out of deep knowledge on the character, track record and values of the other person.

The important aspect to check is trust. This can be manifested by how secure you feel in that relationship. A person in love sees the future with his or her lover. An infatuated person will still have wishes even when in relationship. This makes such a person blind to various problems affecting them. Security threat is experienced as a result of distrust in the character. This is also due to lack of appreciating other persons value.

Genuine feeling of love gives a conducive environment to interact with the other party. The likes and dislikes are learnt as the affair grows. Anyone who claims to know his or her lover at the start of a relationship is just infatuated. This is because a lot of time and patience is required to understand each other.

Clear understanding of own personality is the first step towards attainment of true love. An individual should clearly know his areas of interest and what he does not like. A point to remember that the person you love will be your lifetime partner. One should therefore be certain of what he or she is doing.

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