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How Christian Rock Charlotte Came To Be

By Daphne Bowen

Christian rock has always been quite popular these days as this sub genre of music has been very much favored by people who love this kind of music but are Christians. Although there are a lot of controversies still surrounding Christian rock Charlotte, there is no doubt that this sub genre has created a big impact on the secular music world and is continuing to do so. Now for those who are quite curious of how this sub genre became popular, here is a brief look at the history.

Now just to give people a quick background, the church has been very much against rock music in general because they believe that the influence of this genre of music was ritual music performed by the Africans. Of course at that time, most rockstars would sing about sexual themes or even violence during those days which made everything worse. Now during that time, there were some unconventional rockstars that decided to mix the genre up with some gospel lyrics.

Among the first bands to join this bandwagon was none other than the Crusaders. As they were the first to come out into the scene, they were not as widely accepted because of the beliefs of the church during that time. Eventually the band become more well loved by the public and then many other bands soon followed their example.

Although the Crusaders were probably the first that popularized the sub genre, it was actually Larry Norman who really made this kind of music really well known. His influence is so strong that he actually became the father of Christian Rock music. It was due to the influence of this man that there were actually so many bands that followed and spiked the popularity of this specific sub genre.

Now if one would look at popularity, then probably the most popular of all the bands of this sub genre would be Stryper. Now for those who do not know, this band is a glam metal band that emerged as the most popular of all rock bands of this sub genre. Not only did they get the appeal of the Christians but they also got the appeal of non Christians too.

In the early eighties, thrash metal became the new big fad with bands like Metallica and Slayer leading the pack. Amidst the rising popularity of the genre, one band emerged as a Christian thrash metal band that was known as Tourniquet. They were so popular and good that they were already considered to be as good as the top thrash metal bands but never reached there because they were not strictly thrash metal.

When the nineties came, this sub genre became more mainstream. Alternative bands and punk bands like Relient K, Kutless, and many more started coming out. In fact, many mainstream bands who are Christians also use religious references in some of their songs.

This sub genre is definitely a growing one. The growth can be seen over the time because of the support that was given to the bands that carried the name. In fact, if one would go to Charlotte SC, many more news bands are emerging.

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