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For A Reputable Parenting Coach Oakville Is The Place To Go

By Kenya England

The past few decades have seen the general structure of societies change in many significant ways. Life has become more complex and most people are subjected to immense pressure. Parents, too, have found that raising a family involves many new demands that were unknown to parents only two generations ago. By consulting with a parenting coach Oakville parents feel better able to cope with all these many demands and pressures.

In the past parents did not have to raise their children in isolation. Families stayed close together and there were normally members of the extended family, such as grandparents, available to help with the children. This is no longer the case and in most instances the entire task is up to the mother and father. The absence of an extended family with nieces and nephews to play and interact with also caused a situation where many modern children grow up in relative isolation.

There are many reasons why parents start to struggle with raising their children. Children may become rebellious if they feel as if their parents do not love them and care for them. Modern children are also subjected to pressures their parents never had to endure. Many parents seek help only when these types of problems manifest themselves. To then restore a close family bond will take time, effort and patience.

Many first time parents engage a mentor before their baby is born or very soon thereafter. These are parents that want to be the best parents possible. They realize that their approach to raising their child will have to be adapted as the child grow and as his needs change. The responsibilities of the parents also change as the child grows up and many parents struggle to adapt to these changing needs.

Professional mentors for parents not only focus upon the relationship between the parents and their children. They also spend time on helping the parents build a strong marriage relationship and to develop a healthy self image. This is because it is only possible to be good parents if the parents are balanced individuals that enjoy a healthy and mutually nurturing relationship.

Mentors normally offer a variety of interaction methods with their clients. One on one mentoring can be very costly. That is why some mentors offer the option of consultations by telephone or Skype. Group sessions are also very popular. In such cases the group members can share experiences with each other, encourage each other and learn from each other. The role of the mentor is mainly to act as facilitator.

Getting professional help to raise children as best as is possible is commendable. However, parents must never think that they can transfer the responsibility for the development of their children to the mentor. The role of the mentor is to guide the parents to act in the best interest of their children. Furthermore, no reputable mentor will ever guarantee specific results within a specific time frame.

The vast majority of parents only want the very best for their children. They engage mentors because they admit the fact that they do not always knows best. Responsible parents will acknowledge, however, that children are individuals from birth and that no glib formula to raise them exists. To be a parent means to be loving, supportive and adaptable.

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