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Why Public Motivational Speaking Is So Popular

By Walter White

Thousands upon thousands of events every year feature someone who is supposed to motivate the audience. It may be an athlete, somebody that overcame a horrible trauma triumphantly, or somebody that succeeded against all odds, to name just a few examples. Their stories and experiences are told to inspire the rest of the people, to tell them that there is always hope and that they must never give up. In fact, public motivational speaking is big business indeed.

News channels often feature the stories of individuals that survived amazing, horrific or scary events. Many of them are then asked to tell their stories in person in front of audiences, on television programs and over the radio. People are interested to know how such individuals managed to cope with the experience they went through and they hope to learn from that person. Unfortunately many people are not able to communicate effectively.

Even the most gripping tale or the most controversial idea will fail to motivate or inspire people if the speaker do not know how to grip and maintain the attention of the audience. They have to tell their stories in front of the cameras and to large crowds but they do not know how to truly reach the audience. The answer is to get at least some basic training in this art.

The internet is a great resource for learning how to conduct oneself as a speaker at events. There are numerous courses, some of them even free of charge. Apart from that there are countless websites that offer valuable advice on how to prepare and deliver a truly professional address to an audience. These sources of advice will even be helpful to those that are only called upon to perform in front of an audience, such as a wedding reception, once in their lives.

Many speakers have short careers because other people capture the attention of the press and the masses and they, in turn, become the flavour of the month. There are those, however, that have managed to build extremely lucrative careers from their messages. They remain popular year after year and they achieve this feat because they are very good communicators and they truly believe in the message that they preach.

The fees charged by some of the top speakers can easily become tens of thousands of dollars for a single event. Such speakers are nevertheless extremely popular and they are often booked long in advance. Many of these speakers are also authors of books that iterate their core messages and some even have their own television and radio shows. It can certainly be a lucrative career but there is not place for many professionals at the very top.

There can be no doubt that the presence of a top notch speaker adds prestige and sparkle to any event. There are many critics, however. They say that these speakers repeat the same old message over and over again. They turn ordinary events into miracles and they make people believe that they have achieved extraordinary things. This is simply not the case, argues critics. People may be inspired by such speakers, but only for a very short time.

Everyone has to address groups from time to time. Those with the ability to inspire and motivate are much more likely to achieve their goals. The good news is that almost anyone can learn how to speak with confidence and conviction.

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