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The Implications Of Having A 504 Plan ADHD

By Amanda Hughes

In society today, it is not uncommon to come across some people who have conditions out of the normal. However, such people still need to coexist and get fair treatment from the rest of the members. More so, when at the centers of education, they should get fair receptions. The law has come up with the 504 plan ADHD which is a legal check to defend the rights and well-being of such victims.

It has been quite a nerve gripping experience for many parents as these parents have been watching helplessly as their victim children are discriminated. This was because the ADHD condition makes one very slow in responding to matters and have a poor social life.

In school, children are fond of treating the affected fellows with contempt. This is very uncalled for and inhumane since it devastates and depresses the affected people. The law putting in place the 504 plan is a measure to ensure there is no such poor treatments and attitudes accorded the affected individuals. They should be handled just like any other individual in the classroom.

There is some extend some schools had gone of declining and denying intake of these victims. This was very frustrating as it denied the affected people the chance to study and better their skills. However, the case has been eased in the recent past since this plan took effect. Many schools are now considering the intake and admission of these people, without any discrimination or prejudice.

Many schools respond positively whenever they are imposed to the terms of the plan. This has seen many learners get fair treatment and reception from their fellows. The institution discourages the learners from looking down on the affected and demeaning them in any way. This ensures they all get equal treatment and coexist peacefully in serene surroundings.

The teachers and all the other stakeholders have been taught on the valuable need of improving how they teach. This is necessary since the learners cannot be appealed to in the same way. This is because some of them are quick learners while others require some good time to be invested in the process. Therefore they should be offered other alternatives such as pictorial and video learning instead of listening.

When the time for examinations come, the learners have to show what they have grasped in the period hey have been learning. However, as most of them can write down their answers comfortable, there are others who lack this ability. To them, writing can be so tough even though they have some content. Therefore the examiner should indulge such individuals in oral examinations.

It is imperative for all the parents to know the rights of their children. This is even more important when it comes to those with children who have ADHD. The guardians should know what the plan says and how they have to fight for their children. They should know the implications of the terms and how exactly they can put up a fight for justice in case of injustices.

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