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The American Cubanito And Things To Know About It

By Ann Murray

Cubans who have made their home in America do so through some unique history and geopolitical concerns. They come from a country that was once a US colony, and made into a trading and vacation center for many folks from the continent. After a revolution made America and its companies vacate it, there were many who became refugees and the like.

As people who are lumped with Latinos, or people who have mixed Indian and Spanish ancestry from the southern parts of the Americas, they also have a unique history and culture. The American Cubanito is a thing that is related to everything from Cuba, from drinks to music and restaurants, and anything that is related. They are very popular with Cuban Americans and also generally.

This diminutive from Spanish works as a way of calling things affectionately, especially the more common or popular. This designation is something very much in touch with the cultural developments for Cubans in America. One example of this is the Cubanito drink, which comes from margaritas, but making its own name with folks.

There are also those making music out of traditional music that is found on the islands. Languages in use may be pidgin, English or Spanish, and will depend on artists, something that may be appreciable for many Cubans residing here. Also, Latin songs are often a hit in America, and always played in certain cities.

Sounds here are distinct, and a lot of artists shine in local environments and sometimes even national ones. There are those who have gone on to international fame, and have inspired many who want to follow the same path. The scene here is always vibrant, often based on night clubs that many Latinos appreciate and go to.

With the city Miami Florida the Cubanito is a definition of philosophy, and the way to make a really distinct way through culture. These are for products that can define the trade with Cuba, and perhaps fashion and practice current there today. But it is a more defined way of also being American, the country to which they owe the debt of freedom and the life that goes with it.

People doing this are also particular about the things they are doing, the way they act or eat or listen and appreciate music. It is not an exclusive philosophy though, since they can welcome all those who want to partake of what they offer in any way. Not being able to understand Spanish is not a block to doing this.

And since the current popular trend is for integrating between Cubans and Americans, this is relevant. It has made Cubanito the buzzword today, for many people across America, and most especially to folks that are active in areas where Latinos are found. A particular is Florida, where the phenomenon is scaling the heights of popularity.

But this will not a be something new for Florida, although the boost is one that is very current to how the US and Cuba are becoming friends again. It is a new dynamic that is vibrant to the state and lots of other places. So many people are gearing up for this new thing, especially the folks who consider the island their native land.

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