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The Taubman Approach Benefits You Need To Know

By Angela Sanders

Music is definitely something that makes people delighted not to mention it has even been seen to be therapeutic when it comes to combating stress. Even so, there is a lot that goes into music production and a case in point is the use of pianos. Playing the piano is no mean task especially if you do not have a proper technique. The Taubman approach has however become common and discussed here are reasons why.

First things first, let us get an idea what this entails. This all started with a lady called Dorothy Taubman as she was on the search for movements needed for proper musical expression. Thanks to her efforts, it was later discovered that this was the silver bullet to the prevention of injuries as one plays. It is on this basis that she got to make a name for herself on the music stage.

Any music enthusiast knows that harmony is mandatory and fortunately this approach ensures this is achieved. The outcome, more so when it comes to piano playing, will be a musical disaster if harmony was to lack in the equation. Coupling all music elements together is something that has passed the test time when it comes to making sure listeners are left craving for more. If this sounds like something you would like, this is definitely the way to go.

Any extreme movement of body parts in this regard is not the best reason being there are lines that are never meant to be crossed. Operating within the midrange motion works best whenever one is playing piano. Thanks to the ingenuity of Dorothy, achieving this becomes something as easy as a duck takes to water as there will be no room for extreme movements.

The last thing you need under such circumstances is any awkward movement as it could hinder achieving the desired result. This will however not stand in the way reason being any motion that could negatively affect getting a good result gets wiped out. This is made possible by way of making sure every movement gets a designated body part that is a good match.

The lack of proper alignment cannot only affect instrument playing, but can also make your voice sound like a broken record. When your body is properly aligned, you can be sure that you will always operate within the mid-range as discussed earlier. It is along the same lines that skeletal support gets enhanced to any part that is misaligned.

If a single part of your body was to do all the work, it will not be long before you feel fatigued. If all tasks are however evenly distributed, you will keep going without feeling worn out. Think of this same way as there is division of work at work places and you will understand what we are driving at. There is not a single muscle group that will shoulder the entire load and you will thus remain comfortable all along.

Synergy is yet another big benefit that comes with this. When synergy is part of the equation, you can rest assured that this will be a big boost for the rest of the elements. A good result is assured because all entities will be functioning as one team.

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