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Implications Of Learning And Teaching The Taubman Approach

By Jason Stone

Some instruments for playing music are very old as they were invented long ago. However, there are those that are more popular than others, and over the time they are still recognized. A perfect example is a piano, which is very relevant today, thanks to the Taubman approach. This technique was developed by a determined individual who desired to create a lasting impact.

Many people have gone through the concepts of the technique and are now professionals in the field. They, therefore, stand the best chance to attend to new people wishing to grasp the concept. They are the best to deliver this training since they involve all the appropriate practical approach in the process so as to give it more relevance to the students.

Any teacher in this field has an advantage since they deal with something they fully understand. This means they can give real details that are practical and achievable to the trainees. They do not leave any information hanging due to lack of backing details. They are better suited than those dealing with other disciplines that cannot be handled more intuitively like this one.

It is necessary for any learner wishing to be better to have an open mind. They require great determination and will to go the way of this technique. It is neither simple nor hard but requires total concentration and attention. They should be prepared for any correction, some of which they may consider uncomfortable. They are also expected to be willing to go deeper than they earlier on expected.

The best part of learning and teaching this technique is the level of participation involved. There is a lot of freedom between the instructors and the instructed, whereby they are free to consult for the betterment of the whole process. They should also freely share some of their experiences and encounters. If there is any unclear point, it can be clarified simply through the healthy communication between them.

The program is fit for making injured students feel good. It offers the chance for one to recover from fatigue, whether of the mind or the body. It also heals one from some injuries, especially those acquired through playing musical instruments. However, the instructor should always ensure that the class has trainees in the right conditions, free from injury or any unfavorable conditions.

If the teaching is done by a healthy and happy trainer, then the instructed stand to benefit more. Therefore the instructors should always maintain a happy mood for them to handle their subjects properly. They are also expected to be in the state of health that is favorable to their working rate. Pain and injuries are not favorable factors since they slow down performance level.

The technique is very relevant to many people. After they are exposed to all the concepts, there are some who eventually realize that some of the concepts and points are relevant to them. They find out that they had been taught a similar thing earlier on in life, for instance when younger or through some other training. Therefore they give the process the seriousness it requires so that they turn out successful.

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