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Health Benefits Associated With Shakti And Mantra Meditation

By Maria Phillips

Those who believe in Shaktism know that how powerful the Shakti mantra is. Shakti and Mantra meditation has been in use since many centuries and their health benefit are extremely enormous. Its a state of mind that takes you to experience an eternal feeling and heal your body and mind through it.

Its a process that involves the individual to sit static in a single position with his eyes closed and then he has to recite a Mantra that would help him to heal both physically and spiritually. Its important that you sit in only one place and free up your mind from worldly worries and just focus on reciting the mantras nothing more nothing less.

Hindus who follow Hinduism as a religion are the ones who blindly follow this sort of meditation. Their belief encourages them to have faith in this meditation process and that the benefits they gather would be eternal in nature. Apart from that, some individuals just do it to feel relaxed, calm and at ease.

There are certain researches done in this regards and according to those, reciting Mantras whether you do it alone or within a group would impact your emotional and physical health in a positive way. Its all about reciting a Mantra and you should know the meaning of it to understand what you're actually chanting. Usually its advise to chant such Mantra on a daily basis to gain excessive benefits out of it.

Whether you're suffering from emotional stress or some other issues, this method of meditation helps you to clear out all negative energies surrounding you. You're able to relax and feel free of worries and issues when you're in the state of meditation.

According to Hindu mythology, those individuals who perform such meditation with sincere heart are always rewarded, its something that they believe in firmly. They believe that the God himself serves those individuals and frees up their mind and soul from any worldly worries and desires. The meaning if this Mantra is that you're praising God and asking for his help.

The way you sit down and close your eyes whilst staying still all the times with your hands in your lap, resembles as if you're doing yoga. The only difference is that you're chanting a Mantra as well. It depends on your preference whether you want to recite it in a low voice or in a high pitch volume. Furthermore, if you prefer, you could also do it in the form of a group with other people doing the same thing.

If you're new to this type of meditation and haven't done it before then you could take help from various online videos that would teach you how to do it the right way. Also, you could buy DVDs with meditation audio, so just switch it on in the background and recite alongside. As its a natural process therefore, there are no associated side effects and any one can do it.

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