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What Are Flavonoids And Why Should You Care?

By Kathleen Hall

Everywhere you look these days there are articles and television programs devoted to the newest diet guaranteed to drop pounds from your body and inches from your waist without the inconvenience of exercise or moderation. As soon as one of these miracle plans disappears two others take their place. It's no wonder people are so confused about what the right thing is to eat and how important calories are and how much water you need to drink every day. One thing most nutritionists are pretty much in agreement on however is the importance of flavonoids in our daily diet.

They may not have known the word, but they were on the right track. Today we know a lot more about nutrition and how and why certain foods are good us. In many ways, we have come full circle back to what seemed obvious to previous generations. Plant foods are good for you because they are chock full of nutrients. Liquids such as green tea are loaded with them too. Animal products however, are not a very effective source of them.

There all kinds of fruits and vegetables to choose from. If you are lucky enough to be able to purchase fresh and organic produce, so much the better. When shoppers select these items today, many of them look for color when it comes to making smart choices. The more colorful the food is, the better it is for you. You may not realize it when you make your purchases, but that beautiful color is the direct of result of a high nutritional content.

These nutrients have a number of health benefits associated with them. For one thing they are high in antioxidants. It is a little complicated to explain, but when oxidants get into our body they can change molecules and create free radicals. Too many free radicals can cause a lot of problems unless they are kept in check.

There are studies that find they encourage good cholesterol and help strengthen the heart's blood vessel walls There are other studies that suggest adding a mixture of nutrient rich herbs such as rosemary, garlic, and oregano, to meat can be beneficial.

Another benefit to your heart, as well as the rest of your body, is the anti inflammatory aspect. It may seem obvious that inflammation is not a good thing. When it occurs in a wound or causes some kind skin rash, you can actually see what damage it can do. It will do the same kind of damage inside your body unless you do something to keep it in check.

Scientists seem to be divided on how important these nutrients are in lowering the risk of cancer. Some believe that its anti inflammatory properties and anti oxidizing abilities can help cells from becoming cancerous. They know that these nutrients are excellent for detoxification, and some think this might lower the risk of cancer. More studies have to be done before there is definitive agreement.

Eating plenty of vegetables and fruit every day may not be as exotic a diet regimen as some others, but it is a tried and true method of optimizing health. Becoming informed about the foods you eat and why that they are good for you is very important.

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