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Web Design New York Trends During The Mid-90S

By Arthur Williams

It's easy to take what we have for granted, especially when it comes to technology. We have used it so much that we couldn't imagine life without it. It hasn't been around forever, though, especially when discussing the broad field of web design New York. If you were on the Internet during the mid-90s, you knew that websites were developed much differently. For those who weren't, the following information should prove to be insightful.

Even though websites existed before the mid-90s, it was during this time frame that there was a significant boom. According to reputable authorities like Avatar New York, many websites featured bright colors that helped them stand out. While these definitely caught the attention of visitors, the truth of the matter is that they weren't easy on the eyes at all. As a matter of fact, one could argue that eyesight problems could develop by looking at these sites for too long.

If you want to talk about the websites that many New York web design companies make now, simplicity is the main focus. Even though white isn't the most interesting color, it's more than easy on the eyes. This is especially true when black text is placed over it, since content is much easier to read. Bright reds, purples, and the like might be interesting to look at, but they do not exactly make for simple, effective platforms.

Even though many of the websites from the mid-90s fail to hold up, others implemented features that are still used today. For example, Yahoo's site during this time period was easy to navigate, given that it included a number of relevant links to other sections It also didn't hurt that it featured the aforementioned white background, which made text easier to read. Simple cosmetics stem from this type of website and I'm sure that any reputable Internet marketing company will be able to agree.

When talking about mid-90s web design, these are just a few of the most interesting details to make note of. Sites from back in the day might have worked well then, but it's clear that efforts have shifted since then. Instead of focusing so much on striking visuals and unique colors, minimalism is the most important aspect. By focusing on this, better websites can be made. With that said, this does not take away from the history that web design possesses.

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