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The Details About Six Degrees, From Long Island Advertising Agencies

By Robert Sutter

Every period of growth has a beginning, especially when it comes to social media. Before Facebook there was MySpace, as well as a number of smaller blogs that individual users maintained. What came before those platforms, though? You may not know of the name, but we owe much of what we have now to Six Degrees. For those who are unfamiliar with Six Degrees, here is some information that Long Island advertising agencies will be able to provide.

Six Degrees is regarded, by many, as the first-ever social media website. It launched back in 1997, meaning that it predates Friendster and MySpace, and lasted up until 2001. It allowed users to list people that they know, ranging from friends to family members. While this might seem like a given these days, back then it was a unique feature that no other site seemed to boast. This is just the start to the knowledge that Long Island advertising agencies can pass down.

Companies such as fishbat will tell you that Six Degrees enjoyed a modest amount of success. As a matter of fact, it obtained a few million users, which meant tremendous usage of the feature mentioned earlier. The grown wasn't quite as expansive, though, since not everyone had immediate access to the Internet during that time. Six Degrees also generated more and more spam accounts later on in its life, which didn't exactly help the site in the long run.

In 1999, Six Degrees was sold to YouthStream Media Networks for a total of $125 million; the social media site folded two years later. It's unfortunate that Six Degrees became defunct, but it made sense why it occurred. The site simply was not engaging enough for users, which wasn't exactly helped by the primitive nature of the Internet back then. If it arose today, Six Degrees might have stood a chance. Back then, though, it was too ambitious for its own good.

Six Degrees is an interesting piece of history, to say the least, and hopefully these details have expanded your mind on the subject matter. While it's not exactly impressive by today's standards, an argument can be made that current sites owe something to it. After all, it seemed to spark an interest in social media in general, which allowed other companies to throw their hats into the ring. If nothing else, Six Degrees is a discussion-worthy topic to this day.

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