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The Benefits Of Providing A Violin Teacher To Children

By Ann Long

The study in which teaching and learning music is being associated is called the music education. This involves many types of domains such as affective or willingness to share, internalize, and receive learnings including appreciation and also sensitivity to music, cognitive or acquisition of knowledge, and psychomotor or developing the skill.

Many countries, states, and cities have been starting to offer music trainings, most commonly to preschool education to post secondary. One reason for having this is because music is becoming one important component for the human behavior and human culture. This is also becoming an accomplishment to distinguish the humans as one type of specie. The main purpose of writing this article is to focus on benefits of violins to children and on providing them with a violin teacher Santa Barbara privately to enhance the skills.

The violin is said to be one of the well known string instrument. The children usually become very attracted since the instrument has a modernized look and they also are attracted on how it is played. They often get fascinated into it whenever they have reached the age of 7 to 10 years old, but mostly, this may vary.

One benefit of a private teacher in Santa Barbara, CA is that they can focus on only one or a few students only, thus, the attention is not divided. And most probably, this can lead to a faster learning of the children. The benefits of violin to them may also come into three different aspects and these include physical, mind, and social.

In physical aspect, the children gains flexibility and also strength in their bodies, especially on upper parts. And because of developing the muscle memory and skill memory which are needed for playing, the arms and fingers also get stronger when learning exciting and new techniques. Another physical improvement is posture. And the reason is strengthening their upper arms, back, and shoulders.

Their back becomes stronger because sitting up straight is important. The shoulders and the upper arms will be bearing the weight of bow and instrument, as well weight of their arms. Little fingers and both arms also will gain strength. Left hand gains nimbleness when performing quick movements upon pressing violin strings. While the right hand learns to control the bow in coordination with their left hand.

The mind aspects include the improvement of span and focus. To learn the violin itself and reading the music is also important. Another is to sharpen the memory. To memorize the physical movements and reading the music is also important. Lastly, improvement in self discipline through continuous practice.

The social aspects include improvement in communication skills. Since they are learning and practicing the skills for years or more, they will have a chance to having topics which they can share to others. This is also their opportunity to be proud and talking their friends and families about some experiences.

For this reason, it is an opportunity to improve their social interactions. They can also learn on how to become responsible when helping and teaching others to learn it as well. For those extrovert children, they have the time to spend on focusing and concentrating the skills, and thus, can improve concentration, self discipline, and memory.

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