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What Christian Music Like 19 Lions Represents

By Donna Moore

Rock and roll music has long been an avenue where those with a religious perspective push their beliefs on young people. Bands such as 19 Lions attempt to convince young people to get on their knees and submit to the authority of a church. It teaches them self-hatred and subjugation to an institution which, historically, has done more harm than good.

Early Christianity was designed to unite the Roman Empire under one god, and it continues to do so to this day. How the details would play out was decided at a famous meeting called the Counsel of Nicaea. Within a hundred years, this new Roman Catholic Church was killing Jews and Pagans by the thousands.

This time is known as the Dark Ages, but to this day Pagans and Wiccans call it the Burning Times. Rather than fighting the Roman Empire, ancient Pagans attempted to outlast this new cult by handing down ancient teachings, and maintaining secrecy. The Bishops became such a dangerous presence in Europe that all trade and communication between cities and villages ceased.

The basic precept of Christianity involves convincing us all that we are born evil and sinful, and that redemption can only be achieved through submission to a worldly organization known as church. Without salvation, they claim, human souls cannot enter into a Kingdom of Heaven. It is through fear of an unpleasant afterlife that they are able to push their destructive ideology.

According to Christianity, without salvation one will endure physical torment in a lake of fire where their flesh will burn for all eternity. Of course, these ancient Catholic bishops claimed that no one could even speak to God or Jesus except through them, and for generations they prohibited the general population from being educated. It guaranteed power, money, and authority for religious institutions for all time.

The Roman empire lives on in the Holy Roman Catholic Church, and the human race continues to suffer as a result. To our modern day, religious differences are continued to be touted as a reason for war and slaughter of humans on an epic scale. The Vatican has total power over Catholicism, and even world leaders will still bow to its authority on many issues.

To this day it is not known just how much human history and knowledge has been stolen by Christianity via holy wars waged for the past two-thousand years. Entire communities, libraries, artworks, and other memorabilia have disappeared into the coffers of the Popes and Bishops in Rome. The human race has been given a watered-down version of history that grants us only 10,000 years of existence, and all of our society has been created around this flawed perspective.

Why would parents want their children listening to music that aggrandizes an institution with the historical weight of millions of murders on their hands. Regular rock and roll music generally speaks of love, sex, and fun. Christianity wants us to think those perspectives are sinful, but somehow groveling for forgiveness for existing is encouraged.

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