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Methods And Models For Combating Depression

By James Lewis

Millions of people suffer from some element of mental illness on a daily basis. Whether living with bi-polar disorder, borderline personality order or schizophrenia, these individuals can often have a hard time functioning in everyday life. However, there are now several methods and models for combating depression whether episodic, chronic or associated with one of these other conditions.

When someone appears sad, anxious, empty, hopeless, worthless, irritable, guilty, ashamed or restless without reason, the person is most likely depressed. Another sign of the condition is when an individual loses interest in what at one time were favorite activities and events. For, people suffering from episodic or chronic depression often lose interest, have trouble concentrating, experience insomnia and often can not remember key elements in life.

While most often physical pain is minor compared to the emotional pain these individuals suffer, there is now medication which attacks multiple symptoms. While this is the case, there are other treatments such as counseling, meditation and movement which can also help people overcome a depressed state of mind. In most cases, those living with chronic aspects of the condition are still going to need to add some form of medication as most often this aspect is due to a chemical imbalance in the brain.

There are multiple causes of this condition, some which are more severe than others. Personality traits, environment and chemical imbalances in the brain are all noted causes of the condition. In any case, once diagnosed, it is important to follow any and all treatment plans in order to maintain a positive attitude and outlook on life. Otherwise, an individual could quickly succumb to a depressive state and attempt to harm or kill oneself without reason.

There are basically two forms of depression, clinical or chronic and episodic. While episodic depressed states can be normal based on life events, there are also others which are based on personality traits. Whereas, most often clinical or chronic conditions are based on a chemical brain imbalance due to drug abuse or inherit in ancestry.

Whether intentional or otherwise, many individuals suffering from this condition can come across as angry, crass and mean-spirited. In fact, some love to lash out at others because it makes one feel better about oneself. When in fact, the attitude and presentation of these negative emotions often have the exact opposite effect when it comes to dealing with others.

People having lived through a difficult childhood whether due to sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect, abandonment or other issues are often prone to the chronic aspect of depression. In a number of cases, these individuals blame parents for the condition which in fact might be caused by a chemical brain imbalance or inherit personality traits and have nothing to do with the past. Still, it can often give these individuals joy when having the opportunity to blame and attack others for the illness.

Different aspects of life can also bring on bouts of depression, these include menopause, pregnancy, childbirth, loss of loved ones, bullying, social isolation, rape, rejection and others. In most cases, these aspects can be overcome with meditation along with some aspect of counseling. In a number of cases, peer-counseling and talking to friends and other loved ones can often be a great way to overcome loss.

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