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Reasons Why CPR Classes Modesto Skills Are Necessary

By Jason Ellis

As a result of an accident, illness or other events, the victim may stop breathing and the heart may stop pumping blood. When this occurs, someone who is able to perform cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the victim may be able to save a life. Prompt action to provide chest compression and oxygen to the victim can also prevent damage to the brain from lack of oxygen. CPR classes Modesto locals can take teach the correct techniques and offer the opportunity to practice them under supervision.

CPR consists of two types of assistance to an individual who is not breathing. Closed chest compression is the first of the techniques. Rapid and repeated compression of the chest keeps the heart pumping blood. The chest pumping is combined with forcing air into the airways of the victim, thus maintaining enough oxygen in the body to sustain life. The method is the same for adults and for children, although there may be some modification for a small child.

Victims of accidents or injuries where the breathing or heartbeat has ceased need attention quickly. Humans cannot survive more than a few seconds without brain damage due to lack of oxygen. The individual who is performing the technique must know how to do it correctly, but it is a method that can be done by a youngster who is properly trained.

People have been searching for ways to help restore breathing and heartbeat for decades. In the 1950s, the use of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation was developed and proved successful. The United States military adopted mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in order to assist victims who had become unresponsive. In the 60s, the American Heart Association (AHA) started educating physicians about closed-chest resuscitation. The organization moved into sponsorship of training for the general public. The AHA made a formal endorsement of the technique in 1963. Since that time, millions of people have been trained in the steps involved in the technique.

The American Heart Association has continued to promote training and has sponsored additional refinement in the methods of training to use CPR properly. There are many locations and times for obtaining the necessary instruction. In Modesto, CPR classes can be found in various locations and at convenient times.

The instructors in the correct methods need to have additional training to be able to convey the methods correctly. There have been kits developed which assist in a general public class. Most people do not want to spend hours and hours in learning the techniques.

Taking the class to learn about CPR means that you are prepared in the event of an emergency. When a friend or family member suddenly stops breathing, has a heart attack or an injury, prompt response is necessary. There may not be time to call for emergency personnel.

Modesto residents of every age group have the opportunity to learn CPR techniques. They can feel confident about their ability to respond quickly if needed in an emergency. Saving the life of someone you love, or of a stranger is a gift of life for someone in an life-or-death situation.

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