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How To Get Kids To Listen Effectively

By Carolyn Long

Children have a lot going on, both on an emotional level as well as with what they have to do with their life. It is often difficult for them to listen to their parents and teachers. It is not always as if they are being disobedient. Very often, things become chaotic in their lives. Parents need to know how to get kids to listen without becoming frustrated.

It is easy for a child to become distracted because of the fact that there is so much going on around them. Parents may become annoyed, but one has to realize that this is what happens with the average child. When a child is focusing on an activity, they often become immersed in what they are doing that they don't become distracted by the outside world.

Of course, there are times when a child is playing mind games. This is when they are going to ignore you. Every child goes through this phase, looking for attention or testing the parent. This is more psychological and it is not going to help when you raise your voice because they won't respond.

You have to connect with them so that they don't feel intimidated. When they are very busy with something, an order or command will often go through one ear and out the other. You need to be able to connect with the. This will also create a stronger bond. You can do this by touching them, and making eye contact.

It is also important not to exercise that sense of control or power over your child. A lot of parents have authority and children grow up becoming fearful of authority figures. Parents will just tell their kids to do as they say. You should be ready for a response. When a child questions an order or command, you need to come back with a reasonable answer.

There should be no control or power in the relationship because this will also create fear. Kids will start to listen to the adult, but it is not the right way to go about it. It will weaken the bond and they will grow up with psychological issues. They may find that that fear creeps in when they are exposed to authority figures in their life.

Some children will have more problems listening in general. They can have learning disorders, autism or attention deficit disorders. These are things that teachers may be able to pick up. It is helpful to know the signs and symptoms. Parents need to be encouraging at a time like, offering a lot of love and support.

Some children who have attention deficit disorder will also battle to listen. This can also cause impatience on the part of the parent. Kids will be so busy talking, that they don't have the chance to listen to their parent. They are filled with energy that they need to burn off. It is best that a parent learns how to cope with this.

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