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There Is Professional Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Broward County FL Has Listed

By Larry Hughes

Psychotherapy has many branches. Most have minor differences one from the other. One that is somewhat different and very successful is cognitive behavioral therapy. It is referred to as CBT. The premise is that every person has negative thought patterns that should be altered. They can be turned into positive thought patterns. This premise applies to the treatment of depression and other disorders. The availability of cognitive behavioral therapy Broward County FL benefits many citizens.

It is completed in fewer office visits than many other forms of treatment. Definite goals are set by therapist and patient. It is unique because it requires homework. It posits that there is a direct link between thoughts and feelings and the bad behavior.

CBT therapists strive to uncover how unhealthy thoughts cause self-destructive beliefs. Then the therapist helps the patient to understand how those unhealthy thoughts are causing the problems he is experiencing in life. When understanding can be gained, the patient can work to alter destructive thought patterns to positive ones.

The therapy works to find the unhealthy thought patterns that are causing destructive beliefs. If the patient can realize what they are and how they are having a bad effect on his life, he can work towards altering them. Then positive thought patterns can replace them.

Homework may be to keep a journal of events. It helps the depressed and anxious person to examine how thought affects behavior. Research scientists have proven that CBT is a known way to improve the way the brain functions. This happens along with altering incorrect beliefs.

The inventor of CBT was a psychiatrist named Aaron Beck. This occurred in the 1960s. He was doing psychoanalysis at that time. He discovered a pattern of thought in patients that might be a source of anxiety. It did not lead to productive rehabilitation.

A successful psychiatrist invented cognitive behavior therapy. As he was providing psychoanalysis he noticed a pattern of thought in his patients that seemed likely to be causing anxiety. Those thoughts were not helpful.

He then realized how important the link between thought and feelings were. A disturbed individual had negative thoughts. When he was able to identify them, they could be converted to positive ones.

The events that occur in a persons life are not as upsetting as the meanings placed on them. Negative thoughts block rationalization. A person is trapped in a pattern of old negative thoughts. This prevents new ideas from being seen as acceptable.

When an upsetting even happens to someone, negative thoughts can block rational understanding. The person who is trapped in old negative thought patterns is unable to accept new ideas. They are not acceptable to him.

The incorrect belief he was not going to succeed in school became a self-fulfilling prophecy. But, CBT can help replace that negative belief with a positive one. He may then pass many exams just as he fails a few as any normal child will.

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