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For Good Music Oakland Is The Way To Go

By Scott Scott

Music as a form of cultural activity and art utilizes silence and sound as its medium. The Greek term mousike is the origin of the English word. When mousike is translated into English, it means the art of Muses. Muses are the nine goddesses in the Greek mythology who are responsible for inspiring science, the arts, and literature. Knowledge embodied in song-lyrics, poetry, and cultural myths in Ancient Greek came from the Muses. For a better understanding of music Oakland is the place to visit.

People indulge in this art for many varied reasons. The reasons range from ceremonial or religious purposes to aesthetic pleasure. Today, it is increasingly becoming an entertainment product meant for the marketplace. During Classical and Romantic eras, people often bought sheet music of the songs they loved to perform at home on pianos. The invention of sound recording technology made it easier for people to enjoy music.

A lot of expansion in the technology used in this field has been experienced. Major technological inventions are the home tape recorder in 1980s and digital music of the 1990s. With the latter invention, people could carry portable cassette players and MP3 players to listen to their own playlists. Mix tapes are used as gifts to friends of family members, prescription for parties, or self-portraits.

Music is loved by many people. Some people, especially amateur musicians produce music for self-pleasure while making income through other totally different activities. Professional musicians are employed by different institutions in different events. Major employers for professional musicians are music schools, the armed forces, symphony orchestras, film production companies, broadcasting companies, churches, and synagogues among others. Marching bands are the main example of what professional musicians do in the armed forces.

Professional musicians also freelance and work as session musicians in various settings. They seek engagements and contracts in this case. Professional musicians are also known for training their amateur counterparts. Amateur and professional musicians perform together in some cases such as, concert bands and community orchestras. Musicians perform in studios or before audiences in live settings.

There is always a difference between music produced in the studio and that which is performed live before an audience. Studio-produced art is usually recorded and distributed to the public, usually at a price. Live performances are usually not recorded in most cases. However, they may also be recorded and distributed to people through various platforms such as the internet.

There are many elements that make up music, including sonic qualities of timbre and texture, dynamics, rhythm, and pitch. Harmony and melody are governed by pitch, while rhythm is associated with concepts such as meter, tempo, and articulation. Various types and types of music emphasize and de-emphasize each element differently.

Performance of this art involves the use of various instruments and vocal techniques. Vocal techniques range from rapping to singing without any musical instruments. This field has seen a lot of evolution over the course of the years as new styles are invented and old ones fade away. Accompanying technology has also evolved fast as the industry expands and receives more recognition.

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