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When It Really Matters To You, You Always Do This...

By Evan Sanders

Excuses are for those who don't really care about what they are doing. For those who know just how much something matters to excuse is acceptable.

Someone once said to be a long long time ago, "You either have the results or the reasons why not."

When something really matters to you, you forget all of the excuses because none of them are valid.

When you really want something, you have to be willing to do anything it takes to go and get it.

You have to do all of the things you have never done in order to achieve something you never have. That's the only way to make it happen.

Live without all of the reasons of why you can't do it. There are thousands and thousands of reasons why we aren't able to achieve what we want to achieve.

You have to find something you can believe in and use that to motivate you every single day. It has to be something that resonates deep down in your soul.

Find the one reason that you can hold onto that makes it all worth it for you.

If you can do that, you can work through absolutely anything that life throws at you. You can charge into the unknown with a faith that is inextinguishable.

There are going to be huge challenges.

There are going to be tests.


But these things are here to challenge you and test you in order to create you into the person who can actually achieve that dream of yours.

However if you give up because things get hard, you signal to the world that you weren't actually worthy of achieving that dream.

And if you can continue fighting through hell and high water, you can achieve anything you want in your life. You can do anything you want and be whoever you'd like. But you have to be willing to pay the price.

And you're going to have to fight, scratch, claw and tear any negativity apart to get to your dream.

But it's all worth it. So who are you going to be today? The person who decided to give up or the person who decided to keep going no matter what happened? Make the best choice.

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