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Disadvantages Of A Volunteer In Brazil

By Janet Olson

A helper can be defined as a person who devotes his or her time and energy in serving other people. They take up the responsibility of a certain event or task without pressure from any other individuals. They do all this kinds of jobs but do not expect any payment at the end of it all. Volunteer in Brazil are a really good type since the work that could have taken so much money so as to be undertaken is now easily divided and an assurance is set that it will be completed.

There are several traits that volunteers should be accompanied with for them to deliver their best. One of the main benefits is them being result driven. Some helpers are so much result driven. When a helper is termed as a result driven person, this means that they do the work assigned to them at the appropriate time.

Another disadvantage that faces these type of workers is that many people flock in to be unpaid workers since they want to build up their resumes but do not really intend to have the work of the community at hand. This makes them to work without so much vigor since it will only be for a short time and then they can go back t their usual activities that they used to carry out.

When they are conducting these activities too, they also gain some knowledgeable skills that they did not know before them which will be an added advantage both to them and the society at large. The helpers who have devoted themselves will also gain some positive qualities such as patience and honesty.

Another trait that this type of people should be acquitted with is that they should conduct their daily business without any complain. They should also devote themselves in the type of work that is designed for them with making any excuses. When they are assigned a specific task which they should accomplish, they should devote their very best and do it to the best of their knowledge.

They also face a disadvantage because when they conduct their activities, they are putting everything they know towards the success of such an activity. This makes them to feel more at peace . It makes them fell like they can continue with it for a very long time.

They also have an advantage that they are able to deal with depression matters very easily. This is because they have many friends that are surrounding them in their day to day lives and have no chance of secluding themselves from others so that they can be alone and think about their various problems that might be facing them. This makes them to ever become lively no matter the situation that they may be facing at any given point.

They are also champions in everything that they are doing. They help in spreading the information available from one place to another. This makes it easier for people to be aware when a certain activity is being undertaken. They thus make the whole exercise to be very transparent efficient and up to date which is a good trait both to the organization and them the participants.

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