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Theta Healing Practitioner And Its Brief Explanation

By Dennis Morris

A woman named Vianna Stibal became prominent in 1995 when she was said to have healed a tumor in her leg due to an activity called the Theta Healing technique. She is a naturopath which means she practices various natural remedies or healings to cure patients. The technique is said to be a meditation and spiritual philosophy with an aim to bring closer to the Creator. However, there is no certain religion to support the claim.

To treat life with optimism using the spirit, mind, and body, is its method. Going further, one has to be curious about what is the fuss behind the practices of a Theta Healing practitioner. Answers in words may seem insufficient but the hardest part of understanding this is through believing and concentrating.

One common term these practitioners know of is the Creator. There seems to be no exact information if this refers to God but according to them, the Creator is a spirit which connects everything that is existing. In the meditation, there lies prayer involved too. Working with their Creator keeps them in harmony.

The word, Theta, comes from brain waves. They are patterns of brain activity in every cycle. Theta is one category of brain waves and it refers to inactivity, drowsiness, and inhibition in response to stimuli. In other words, the healing aims to awaken the brain wave.

DNA activation is another of its benefits. This means to wake up the DNA to its highest potential. In activating them, there are three ways for this. Earth Schumann waves, group conscience, or anyone wakes them up. Once activated, survival of the environmental poisons made by man takes charge. Another result involves opening the psychic senses.

In doing the practice, there lies a way to learn them by yourself. An individual still has to go through a seminar for this but once the basic DNA 3 day seminar is done, one can gain access on how to perform alone or with other people. Keep in mind that in doing this, look for a person you are comfortable to be with. Communicating with the practitioners is a good way of adjustment.

During a seminar, expect different styles. Most of them begin by asking for permission to connect with your energy. In other words, expect tackling about physical or emotional issues. Honesty is required.

Vianna Stibal, however, received negative reviews from some people who have listened to her stories. Majority say that curing cancer using the technique is going a little too far for being true. There is even no cure for cancer so most are doubtful that a natural activity can just end it. This is why her believers are not that huge of a number.

With a mission to bring forward the best in all people, these activities may give effect to those who truly believe in the session. There is a reason why most individuals consider this as a miracle for your life. Just like all other things, some procedures can work and some may not. The only important thing to remember is to try because there is definitely no harm done in trying.

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