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More On Ways To Overcome Social Injustices Worldwide

By Deborah Gray

Treating citizens in a technique that is unfair is wrong. Discrimination of people because of the culture, political stand, religion or ethnic group they belong to is unacceptable. Homophobia is where one expresses hatred towards the sexual minority. Ageism is where you find the old getting discriminated and denied civil rights. Let us focus on how we can overcome social injustices worldwide.

Among the most common injustices common in our society is the poverty. The world has those who are extremely rich while on the other end we have extremely poor people living low and miserable lives. They lack the basic needs. Leaders of our society should come up with lasting solutions that will enable bridge the gap between the poor and rich.

Martin Luther Ling stated clearly that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice anywhere. Another injustice affecting the society is gender inequality. People view women as just objects. Due to this, rape takes often especially in India. It should be compulsory for everyone to treat women with respect and giving them rights to vote and let their voices heard. In countries where women are not appreciated, action should be taken against them.

Parents are dying in our society on a daily bases. Those who get affected most are the children left behind. Due to the poverty rate and lack someone to take care of them, they hit the streets for survival. Some end up in childrens home where there are people to take good care of them. Those in the streets depend on passersby for survival. All governments should come up with strategies to take good care of these kids.

In forms that are used for applying jobs, there is a section one is supposed to declare their ethnicity. This can be term as a form of injustice because most of those employers will consider those of a certain ethnic group over the others instead of carrying out a fare consideration to all the applicants. People and leaders need to unite and push for unity because achievement is color colorless.

Abuse of children is done physically, in words and sexually and is a common practice worldwide. The authorities should prosecute the offenders and creating laws that will help eradicate such cases. Many children drop out of school due to the abuse they endure. Let the relevant personnel educate the nation on the need of education and help stop child abuse.

Up to today, sex trafficking is a regular exercise. Those affected are mostly ladies and the under aged girls. The traffickers get money for this act. The girls get sold to men whose aim is using them to satisfy their sexual needs. This is act that should not be tolerated and the offenders should be jailed as it goes against all right that defend any human being.

Warring countries leads to many people loosing their lives leaving people grieving over their loved ones. This is a form of unfairness and can be avoided if the wars are brought to an end. This can only be successful if all the leaders and people can unite and say no to more wars and create peace.

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