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For Quality Custom Off Road Golf Carts Sevierville Should Be Prioritized

By Andrew Brooks

Golf carts also go by the name golf cars since the name cart is used for devices that are not capable of self-propulsion. Golf cars refer to small vehicles that are used for carrying golfers around courses. Initial models could only carry two passengers and the main purpose they serve is to avoid time wastage and fatigue. Most golfers prefer to customize their cars to suit personal preferences. Therefore, when one is in need of custom off road golf carts Sevierville offers one of the best locations to consider checking out.

Most models travel at 24 kilometers per hour and can only move over short distances. There are some new models that can exceed the stated speed limit and range of travel. Typical measurements are 2.4 meters length, 1.8 meters height, and 1.2 meters width. However, these measurements may vary much depending on how much the vehicle is customized. The range of weight is between 410 and 450 kilograms and mostly, the vehicles are powered by 4-stroke engines.

The price of these cars varies widely. However, the lowest price one can expect to get is 1000 US Dollars and the price can go well beyond 200, 000 US Dollars. The price is usually determined by several factors such as whether the vehicle is new or used. Other factors upon which the price may be dependent include capacity, fuel used, model, manufacturer, and the number of vehicles purchased.

It is obvious that used cars cost much less than new ones. In the same way, sellers are willing to reduce prices for buyers who buy many cars at once compared to those who buy only a single cart. A lot of customization can be done to various components in accordance to personal tastes and preferences. Some of the components that may be customized include motor or speed controllers, ball cleaners, cooler trays, body, seats, windshields, and lift kits.

Like stated earlier, the capacity for original models was two passengers. However, in modern models, the capacity has been increased to range from 2-6 passengers depending on the model. Even with 6 passengers, some models still have plenty of room behind to carry tools. Convertible seats are also included to carry people or tools depending on setting. A major source of customization in the seats is the arrangement inside the car.

Seat covers depend on how much one is willing to pay for them. They range from basic to customized upholstery. One retains the choice of what they want in their cars. Besides upholstery, the body color can also be customized according to personal tastes. The body may be colored in a single monotonous color or may features multiple colors painted with great skill. Better yet, custom graphics can also be applied all around the body.

Music and other forms of entertainment are also becoming very common in carts. There is a wide range of music systems that can be installed in the vehicle. Some of them include radios stereo consoles, and connections for MP3 players, tablets, and iPhones.

Windshields are included in most models because they aid in ensuring safety. Various aspects of the windshields can be customized including shape and size. There are also types that can be folded to let in a breeze. Others are made into two pieces.

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