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As We Forge Ahead Into The Darkness

By Evan Sanders

Simply a moment.

There's this little moment that comes upon you like a whisper in the dark. It's just there for a second and then it can be gone. But oh how important it is.

You either run away or run towards your fear.

The challenges never end. They come upon you without mercy and test your resolve, foundation, and character without rest. The challenges are there to teach you and see what you are made of.

But you do get to decide.

Do you escape?

Or do you run into your fear?

This moment tested me only a few days ago and was waiting for me to break. But I didn't. Rather, I faced the moment head on and forged ahead into the challenges that were due to come.

How could it bring about such peace?

How could more pressure settle everything?

It did. All I did with that was nod my head and know that instead of re-routing my entire life I actually had to continue down the path I was currently on. I kept on hearing the voice inside saying...

Forge ahead.

Don't quit when things get hard.

In a sense, you can almost see the Captain of a ship deciding to head straight into the challenging waters and urging his men to keep their faith. Similarly, you have to do this with your fears.

At times, we lose our focus and our momentum.

I was looking constantly to see if the end result was there and it was always "just right around the corner." But I didn't see the whole thing through. I didn't stay according to plan because of discouragement.

But a renewed sense of purpose came to me.

And with that purpose, the fire inside started to light again. Another day, another effort, and another opportunity to move forward in the direction I wished for.

We must always look beyond who we are now and see what we are truly capable of. If we can continuously do this, we can become something far greater than the person we are at the moment. We compete with our potential. We compete with who we are destined to become.

Yes failure is part of growing.

But there's great victory in even the defeats.

Take pride in your persistence.

Take pride in your grand efforts and grand failings.

The scars and the victories define you and make you into a bold soul that encourages any action that may bring on victory or defeat.

The ones who are quietly working in the late of night are our heroes.

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