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The One Lie Running Your Entire Life

By Evan Sanders


Seriously. There's been a story that has been running your entire life and you may not even know it. Or, you may know it but have absolutely no idea how to get out of it.

Don't worry it's not your fault.

We've all been fed this story and it's incredible powerful.

I'm here to tell you what that lie is and how knowing about it can literally change your life.

I know that it can change lives because it changed mine.

Here's the BIG lie: there's an island where it all turns out.

Let me further explain this.

Take a second to imagine that you are in a boat constantly rowing towards this island where your happiness lives. You can see your ideal life: the car, the partner, the house, the job etc. When you think of this place you believe that you will be happy.

Unfortunately, this place doesn't exist.

This place is an absolute mirage.

It's the sexiest mirage you've ever seen and it will keep you rowing and rowing and rowing until your arms fall off because you think that's where your happiness lives.

Living this way brings out an incredibly messy lifestyle. It puts you on a timeline where you focus on the black and white side of life, on progress, on a strictly future driven mentality and that will cause great amounts of discomfort.

It will bring out anxiety, fear, doubt, worry, and pretty much every other negative emotion in the book because you aren't slowing down at all and constantly seeking a place you will never get to.


Most people in this world never get the chance to really understand that they are living this way and that they are stuck in a cycle that is incredibly hard to break out of. If they do stop and look around for a while, they quickly get back in their boat because they believe their happiness lives in the future.

You know that mid-life crisis ordeal? Bingo.

So what is the shift that needs to take place?

Be amoebic. Huh? Yes...just like an amoeba. Let me explain.

When you start viewing your life as an ever-changing, shifting, and morphing entity you end up focusing more on growth. You see life as very colorful, an opportunity for learning, experiences, change and development.

But it gets even better.

This type of living brings out incredible things in you. Because when you are focus on what's actually developing in your life, you jump off the timeline, you start living more in the present and focus on "what's actually here or what's going on?" and you exit the future.

So exit the future and start living in the present moment. Take your endlessly rowing oars out of the water and start enjoying what's actually going on around you. Truth is, you can only exist in the present moment anyways.

When you slow down to connect with others and what's going on around you, you will start to see incredible changes in your life.

There's no telling what's possible for you.

Take a second to ask yourself, "What's actually here? What's really going on?"

Quit rowing.

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