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The Effectiveness Of Disabled Veteran Farm Loans

By Ryan Howard

The veteran farmer is a farmer like any other but is differentiated by their background. This is because they must have served in the army before. They are classified as those with no previous background of farm management and those with experience of below ten years. On the other hand, disabled veteran farm loans are only given to those who became disabled while serving their country. Unfortunately, they were injured, disabled or incapacitated in the process. This has limited their ability to be economically independent because they cannot work.

It is a fact that not all soldiers that enlist die in service, many return home physically ok but may have psychological issues. Others are injured, amputated or lose a part of their body in injury. These heroes find it difficult to re-integrate back into society and pick up from where they left. They face a hard time trying to earn a descent living. This is the main reason behind the many government programs that allow these specific former soldiers apply for loans with reduced limits and that have flexible repayment conditions.

They have been put in a distinct class that aims to protect their special interests together. While they are basically similar to other low income farmers ranked as beginners, they are only different in terms of their service and disability. Any branch of the army will do even if it was the reserve. The government offers incentives to those owners that agree to sell land to veterans. This is evident in the CRP payments that are added to such sellers to encourage more of such action.

These include additional CRP payments usually given to encourage more sellers do the same. This program is run by Transitive Incentive Program and can pay up to two years of additional payments. The program empowers the new owner to begin using their land even before the expiration of the current contract. They can develop it, improve it, begin conservation efforts or apply for organic certification.

The disabled veterans are often given preference in these programs. The main reason is that they are disadvantaged both physically and socially. This disadvantage has allowed them to qualify for various conservation programs by USDA. The body has set aside portions of land and money to help special groups of people in need of them.

They can also get grants to use in value addition production. This allows such farmers to get grants for personal business ventures directly. The main purpose is to allow them organize their products and other producer groups in the development of their strategies and plans in a bid to market their value added products.

Microloans are given by Farm Service Agency. This body allows veterans to access loans at reduced interest rates and with simplified repayment conditions. It aims to make these facilities easy to take and repay to attract more people and encourage them.

There are a number of programs formed to help disabled veterans put their life back together. They educate, support and train them. These vocational training is inclusive of free advice on effective methods of running farms and using loans to empower themselves.

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