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Churches Homa-Bay And Their Duty To Society

By Marci Nielsen

Over the years man has been attracted to higher forces. There are a number of things that go beyond simple science and human explanations. We have had to bow to the fact that there is a power that controls all things. This is where beliefs and worship of deities come in. As humans; we have made many ways that we deem fit for worship. There are many places that people gather and unit as one to glorify and praise their god as they prefer. Let us examine a few aspects about churches Homa-bay, Kenya and the roles they play in that society.

Just like many other parts of Homa-bay Kenya received missionaries who had come to spread the word. The catholic mission was there to make sure that the people of this place were enlightened. This is one of the dominant denomination in this area. The people gladly continue to follow in ways of the Roman church teachings and practices. The Catholic Church members in this community enjoy their Sunday mass every week in their local church.

At times, the holy mass is conducted by a parish priest. This is not always the case as there are times that one of few chosen parishioners are left in charge when the parish priest cannot make it to the service. This is mainly due to shortage of clergy with large areas to be served. Other than the parish priest, other people are not allowed to administer sacraments to the congregation. Their roles are not the same as those of priests as they are not ordained as priests.

The residents are also members of the seventh day Adventist church. This also is as a result of mission work at the beginning of 20 century. The Adventists in this region are not as many as the Catholics. It could be due to timing that the missionaries came to the place.

Another church that can be seen in many parts of Homa-bay is the full gospel church. This can be termed as a protestant church. These are the churches that formed as a result of a disagreement in the ways of worship that the Catholic Church advocated for. The full gospel church in the region has been of great influence to society.

The churches are many in the region, with there being other minor sects that are formed every waking day. Some centres that have been there for a long while have been of great influence to the society. This can be seen through various initiatives that have been established by the hand of the church.

The Homa-bay children home is an of the initiative of the full gospel centres here. Established in mid 1960s, it was to help shelter the children who had lost their parents. With the high numbers of people in this area succumbing to HIV, the children home is of great help even today.

Most centres here aim at rebuilding the society through creating a morally upright society. Here the church has been of great influence to the society. Most people here are tied to certain religious sect. Though still struggling; the church has held the society together and even created order and harmony in the community. This is an important role in any human society.

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