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Themes Found In True Love Books

By Della Monroe

Many fans of non-fiction and fiction alike have a difficult time taking romance novels seriously. They dismiss these creations as fluff and something not worth reading. It is a fact, however, that the authors of true love books put just as much effort into writing these stories as authors of other literary genres. To give their creations as much validity and dimension as possible, romance authors employ tactics like utilizing various themes and historic facts in their novels. These additions help attract a wider fan base to these works.

To be considered a romance novel, there has to be an element of romanticism in the novel, however. Most often this element comes from two lovers overcoming remarkable odds to forge a relationship with each other. Sometimes the star-crossed lovers get married. Other times, they part ways with the promise of reuniting again in the future. Nonetheless, this basic element is found in all novels written for this genre.

Despite the inevitable ending, however, these works still feature ideas that give the novels validity and intrigue. For example, many authors of this genre like to set their stories in medieval times. They include details about how the main female character struggles against her male counterpart to gain his respect and trust. The theme touches on women's rights in that time.

Other works of romantic literature take place in frontier days of America's settling. The author might include references to historic figures like Billy the Kid or Wyatt Earp to give the story more intrigue. It also shows that the writer knows what he or she is talking about to the reader. This angle hooks readers to the story from start to finish.

Still, some critics argue that for all of the historic accuracy and engaging theme work that these stories are not on par with the creations found in the English canon. It is true that these novels may not be held in the same regard as Shakespearean creations. However, the writers make every attempt to give their characters and story lines the same respect as canonical writers.

Likewise, they want the story to be appreciated as a legitimate work of literature rather than a tale to be dismissed as fanciful. Just like other genres of literature, romantic tales have their place in the literary world. The inclusion of more than one theme in addition to the underlying love match helps give the book more credence in the opinions of literary critics.

It used to be that dime store romance novels were targeted toward stay-at-home mothers and housewives. Today, however, the reader base includes professors at colleges and universities, college students, and even white-collar professionals who want to read for pleasure. These novels also sell well in the literary market.

A true love book may seem forgettable at first glance to some critics. However, when they consider facts like the inclusion of various themes and historical notations, they might view these creations in a new light. When they do, they likewise may join a growing base of fans that have come to appreciate these books as something to read for pleasure.

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