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The Importance Of Everyday Heroes

By Evan Sanders

There's only so much time, and honestly, we all need to start using it wisely.

Life can turn on you so quickly. It's amazing how it seems to do that at the worst time possible. One second you are standing straight up and everything is going great and the next you are on your back. But without these moments, how would we be taught the importance of getting back up after we've fallen?

It really isn't about the times where we shine that make the difference, but rather the times me make a decision to rise again after we fall. That decision to get back up again no matter what is one of the most powerful moments in someones life. But not everyone makes that decision. Not everyone makes the decision to get back up even though they have been beaten down to the floor.

What's the reason why?

Unfortunately, it's because fear overwhelms their entire life and starts to eat at them on the inside. The Black Dog of fear nips at their hands and heels and the more they start running, the more it begins to chase them. What these people who get out of the game of life don't understand is that they have to run right back into their fears instead of running from them. Most people never actually figure this out.

But for the brave and courageous, you have to get back up. You have to know your reasons why you are doing what you are doing because life will constantly knock you back down. Do it for yourself. Do it for your family. Do it for the world.

We need people in this world who will dedicate their lives to inspiring the lives of others. We need these people because we live in a society that promotes personal success rather than the success of the collective. What if you could raise the lives of all of the people around you? What if you could take a stand for everyone instead of just what is possible for yourself? You could be something that would be remembered for all time.

So what do you say?

Live your dream.

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